Thursday, October 10, 2019

Halloween art & stories wanted

Did you hear that?  Oh it must have been the house settling.   Did you just see that?  A trick of the eye.  Maybe you better check it out.   Oh I have the shivers so let's go check on it.  We're safer in groups, right?   

Our blog is looking for the best art or stories on here to post for Halloween.    Do you know the origin of Halloween?   Does it have to do with old Celtic myths?   Do you have superstitions?   My husband to this day will hold his breath going past a cemetery.   It just so happens this is a common thing as I learn others do it too.  By the way, do people still make their own costumes? I still think hand made costumes are the best.  Good luck and let's make a fresh pot of tea, pull up a chair and hope what's in the closet is just a mouse.

Make a post!  Send me your email.  Click on my label and you will get it.  I get you approved so you can post some Halloween stuff.

An illustration for the story The Legend of Sleepy Hollow by the author Washington Irving

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