Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Creativity Is

I wrote something a few weeks ago about cognitive meals that help with the cognitive flow for long periods of time.  Going full steam ahead now and thank you to our great contributor MicK Williams who has stuck it out since disqus closed our beloved channels.  Change is good they say.  Who in the world are "they?"  I recall during a sermon my pastor mentioned about they. He saw someone with a T-shirt with the words, "I am they."  It was quite a good laugh, still a good laugh.

Anyways, things happen beyond our control unexpectedly.  This past weekend blindsided me as our venture was for the kids, of which I was grateful they had a great time.  The place is geared towards kids and overpriced.   I wasn't prepared for the high stimuli environment Wolf Lodge had.  It was the poor food choices, and high level of noise. chlorine, screaming kids, and crowds that just was not the creative, productivity environment.  I try to keep on working on my book at least one hour a day during busy periods that demanded all my faculties.   As it happened, the food choices were typically the all American fried chicken, pizza, bbq pork nachoes and soda kiosks that I selected Dasani flavored waters.  It was all good, don't get me wrong, but with a three year old that still has naps and on a system I was pretty rattled after the weekend was over.  We did pass by Senoia, GA where "Walking Dead" was filmed and I thought of one day stopping at the gift shop dedicated to the show.  But it was Sunday and perhaps it was not appropriate with small kids in the car, and it was closed.

There are systems that work for our creativity and systems that don't work.  Unknowingly the dasani flavored waters had aspertame in them, of which I was super sensitive to the chemical that might had added to blocking the cognitive flow on creativity.   It is what it is.  It's a good senario for a new story, placing someone in a place unfamiliar and feel like a foreigner in their own state.   Rest, and exercise seem the key during this little hiccup during the creativity flow.  So I found this little thing on Pinterest, which has a slew of encouraging tips and prompts.  Which ones do you use, or rely on most for your writing?  


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