Thursday, September 12, 2019

Author Highlights

Edgar Alan Poe

What really happened to him?  He lived to a young age of 40 during the 1880s.  We all know there were not very good medical technologies back then.  I always thought of him as a dark fantasy writer in a way, drawing upon areas where alcohol took its toll on his brain amid other possible illnesses in America during that time.  

I mostly read up on his poems and short stories during my young adult days and working on my writing craft.  Poe was one of a kind.    He was an orphan as well, so he probably had a lot to deal with finding where he belonged in his own life.   By reading on his biography, it seems that the best schools for writing and art were overseas in Europe and England as America nearing the Civil War in next couple decades.  His foster parents did not treat him well but saw his talents.  He married twice in his life time while enlisted in the United States Army as he could not support himself.   

Quite an interesting life he had short as it was.  From all the experiences he had, drew upon it for his stories and poems as it seems he was rather lonely in his life.  His biological parents were David and Elizabeth Eliza Arnold Hopkins who were actors, so I am wondering if he was a descendant from Anthony Hopkins?  Anything is possible.  Was his death a mystery as he was a mystery writer himself?

1849 "Annie" daguerreotype of Poe

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