Sunday, March 10, 2024

Art of Writing: The beginning part 1series


    Truly it is a specialty to churn out a story well with prefect expression.  It starts with a spark, maybe words, poetry, or reading a good book.  

        Quite a few of us are aspiring writers while many are established or just published their first works.   Tell us how you went about publishing your first work?    What kind of work did you publish?  Do you have another career, and also a family?  How did you juggle everything else?

For most it there are life changes as we dabble with the dream, to create a story, something to put it in print and seeing your name on the shelf.   Publishing and getting your name out there has seemed to change.  Now you can simply have an interview and post it on Tik Tok to promote your books.  

Some have to go the route of self publishing, to which it maybe the case for someone who writes and draws, or paints to make it appealing for someone to purchase and buy the book.  After all the art of writing is also the art of selling your book.    My genre is Celtic Fantasy by the way.  I have three books, the last one on the epilogue.  A temporary writer's block, but it requires more research and rough drafts at this point.  

    The art of writing is a journey.   I have been following this author a bit. 

Let us know how you got started and the stages in your life, people that infuenced you and finally achieved your goal of being published.

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