Monday, January 1, 2024

Ring in 2024: A New Beginning, A new Hope



Happy New Year!  Leaving all the stuff behind and may it be a great New Year.


           Did you make any resolutions?  Perhaps sleeping in  before the new week and usual routine.  THinking about it makes me even more unmotivated.

  Maybe be more healthy, try something new,  learn a new language or work on that project that's been simmering for years. Get a new degree or certificate for self enrichment or for a career change for the better.   Be more creative.  Lots of us don't realize we are being creative.  Not everyone specializes in just art or writing, or poetry and so forth. 

 Finish that project in progress and remember finish that piece strong whether a story, a book, an artwork or anything else that suits your creative fancy.  We might be moved in by now at our new home, and I am looking at learning how to make pasta, maybe take a cooking class how to make sushi as I would prefer a chef I can ask questions and not just watch an online class.   

Try Tai Chi, lots of great benefits with body, mind, and spirit. 


As winter settles in, many days just seem like the same day with the greyness and the snow, and the cold sky with barren tree branches reaching the sky.

                Remember, this is a new year and everyone on W&B and beyond wishes you the very best year and it's a new beginning for everyone to start afresh.  Kick some old habits. 

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