Thursday, February 2, 2023

February Open thread

Ring in February at last.  Winter is still holding on 
with frozen fingers across the region.
  Come on and stay awhile, take a break from the usual to enjoy coffee or tea.    

New Ideas beacon on the horizon as brighter
 days are ahead


Grab a bagel or donut, your usual breakfast of your choice, as they
compliment coffee and make a great start to the day.

Enjoy the simple things again

Winter snuggles are essential

Take a walk to get some fresh air,
take a road less traveled

Make it how you want it for the other, a note, a whisper 
or a touch.  Winter days seem to mesh together.  Somedays I feel like I'm stuck in the same day.  Bill Murray's  "Groundhog Day" is a classic.

As Valentine's Day is just around the corner

Most of all be creative & try something new. 

Don't forget to keep the fun!

Sand and sunshine and water always helps!

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