Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Writer's Corner: To Show or Tell

Showing in writing is a technique that writers use to elaborate and express to the reader in a way that hooks them into the manuscript.  

A first rough draft maybe telling before the second draft is more specific and detailed to make the
story more effective. 

Examples of telling.

He picked up the sword.

The town held a festival. 

Examples of showing:

With a grin, the warrior in silver picked up the sword as he gazed over the gathered host. 

Green and gold tents nestled in the valley below lofty mountains as the annual Renaissance festival opened people in costumes. Merchants lined the paths for eager spending customers to explore hand crafted trinkets to fine woven clothes to fit the special occasion.  Blue skies with a warm sun added the beginning to a perfect day.

Showing is reeling the reader into the writer's world, closing out the outside world just for awhile
and if successful the reader has that connection to the writer with their world in words of description
and paragraphs with unforgettable characters to make the story work.

Writers create a picture in our minds
by the beauty of expression of the written word.

Know some writers with great showing in works of literature?  Share them with us. 

Thank you for recommending us to help us grow and add one more contributor.   


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