Monday, May 2, 2022

May Open thread


                    Come what May our works are in progress.  Summer is near as the days get warmer and the mornings are best here before you get to work.  May it be a productive day!

We writers keep a note pad or idea box wherever we go.   If something is said in a certain way, it is also written down for possible later use.  While scientists have "Labs"  I call the world around me
 my "Lab."

Think outside the box, read someone else's work, a book, take 
a walk, go to a festival. I hear the Renaissance Festivals are in full swing now.

Don't worry about the critiques, there are good ones and terrible ones, but some
where you least expect it from. 

Be who you are, all the time and creativity   It will set you free.

Dream, reflect and tap into that subconsciousness

Be eccentric, be you

All great works of art take time on their path.  Stay on the path,

Remember, it is your story, your work of art. 

Spend a time with us for tea or coffee,
whichever is your fancy!

Most important,  stay creative.  Let it pour from the brush or 
the pen, be in your element.   Great projects take time, late nights, revisions, repaintings, reconstructions for others to enjoy. Beyou, stay creative!

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