Monday, December 20, 2021

Christmas Week Countdown Dec. 20th

We are on the homestretch to the big day.  Presents on their way for all, even for the furry children. See how excited they are?  Must be some treats so they must be opened and eaten right away.

Is there more? Huh, huh?  Come on, I smell it!

Christmas will find you as the world stops still.

Gathering around the tree before the fire.

Cookies.  Our favorites are almond crescent, there
is nothing like them. Try Matcha green tea powder with powdered sugar
and makes them festive green and light and delightful as Santa is on his way to hand out gifts. Green tea might help his metabolism.

Add a little bit more fun responsibly, as some will be home for a few days.  Perhaps make a cake and dip it into one of these on a
scalloped plate. 

Or one of those handcrafted dessert coffees with a
special blend of liquor.

As the snow keeps falling to the air outside getting colder and the snow creates that ambience of silence as you enjoy close quality time with loved ones.

Christmas party all weeklong with continuous edibles.  We have a huge stockroom and the punch and mini shepherd pies keep on with the festivities down to desserts and holiday cocktails.  All invited to spend and share the cheer.

Watch out for the mistletoe!

Hear a Christmas story by Michael BublĂ©, great narrator voice
besides singing.

Of which we all have some peace and remember
goodwill towards all.  Peace be with all and to all
a good night.


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