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Words & Brush Recipe Corner: Aromatic Carrot & Ginger Soup

Aromatic Carrot & Ginger Soup

By Lisa Starr, Meatland, Israel


Go At Orange (Soup)My shopping cart reflects the changing seasons.As the nights grow longer, and the soup-like, summer weather is replaced by mealtime soup bowls, I'll make sure that my fridge always contains the required ingredients to make my family's favorite broths.This delicious and super-simple Carrot & Ginger Soup features high on this list.Carrots are already transformed by heat - roasted carrots strips take on an almost candied quality - but the addition of ginger and coriander spice elevates this everyday vegetable to gourmet status.Don't like leafy coriander?

The spice is entirely different from the herb and has the most wonderful lemony flavor.Read on to find out more and add these easily located ingredients to your shopping list.  

Aromatic Carrot & Ginger Soup


2 onions, chopped2 teaspoons crushed garlic1 tablespoon grated ginger (see notes)1 tablespoon crushed coriander seeds (notes)10 large carrots, chopped4 cups chicken flavoured stock (Ina Paarman is superb)Sugar to taste if neededSalt (Maldon rules)Coconut milk (optional)Oil to fryChopped coriander leaves to garnish (optional)


1: Sautee the onion for a few minutes till sweet then add the garlic, ginger and crushed coriander seeds or ground spice*

2: Add carrots and stock  and simmer till carrots are completely soft, then blend till silken-smooth, adding extra stock or creamy-tasting coconut milk to achieve the required consistency.

3: Season to taste, garnish with plenty of chopped coriander if desired, and serve with a crusty bread to make an entire meal.

COOK'S NOTES: I keep a knob of ginger in the freezer always and grate from frozen. You don't even need to peel it. Feel free to add even more ginger as it's fabulous here. Ready-ground coriander spice can replace the crushed coriander seeds but I'd then reduce to 2 teaspoons of spice. I highly recommend crushing your own coriander seeds as you'll be amazed at the lemony scent. Simply place the whole seeds in a food processor, Pilot Chef, or coffee grinder and blitz for a couple of minutes. 


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