Monday, November 15, 2021

Weekly Open thread Nov. 15

Good Morning folks!  There's some holiday roast coffee in my
latte cup to start the day. We've had our first freeze a night ago.  It seems like the days are just seasonally colder
just in time for the Holidays.


One of the most beautiful Autumns in a while. All at once, branches are brushed with  royal purples, raspberry reds, lemony yellows to delight in our walks or travels.  A calling to drive or walk through the woods and admire all of nature's glory.    As this is the final week before our Thanksgiving,  a great time for family to gather again.  

When you have a job or task to
do well and finish strong.  Tackle the day, tackle 
the week.  Just one more week, then a full
week off for some.

And yet butterflies are still hanging around our area before the 
first freeze believe it or not.

At the end of the day, sit by a warm fire to close the day with
hot tea or chocolate or cider.

Let the creativity go, make it a new start!  New inspiration might 
be a way to reconnect, or take a good walk along the fall foliage.   Take a sketch pad and pencil or notebook, do some freewriting paying no mind to the grammar.  Get it out, do something new.  Being outside brings about a different kind of freedom and perspective,
getting to your inner center. 

Keep your eyes on the water as they say!

Try this exercise, you don't have to be an artist or a writer. For one week every morning. This will help your creativity in ways never thought before.  Pick out a notebook or journal and a special pen. 

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