Friday, August 27, 2021

Plays help Dialogue!

 Good morning and Happy Friday! Been a week and glad it is done.  Our kids had a sniffle that required our attention and progressing on our packing to move.  The tentative days left are sixty.  We are fastening our moving belt with every box to put items in to keep or donate.

One of the ways I like to work on my dialogue are plays.  Are there any plays are favorites? I think my first play was in high school  was Ceryano De Bergiac.  If you recall the movie Roxanne, it is almost like that.

                                        queen elizabeth shakespeare GIF

So many plays to look through, but I like the olde worlde plays of Shakespeare and William Butler Yeats or John Synge. I have a number of plays, many of Scottish origin as well Irish.  Some of us are visual learners as I am.    

                                           London Comedy GIF by Curious Pavel

As a reader, your audience we want to be delighted, thrilled and hooked into your world, the writing world you created and express.   Although it is our calling, make it the best work you can muster, a gift to take the reader away from the ordinary world.  Don't forget the coffee to speed up those beautiful thoughts this morning.  Maybe you are having coffe with us. I am onto my second cup already.  Have a great Friday!

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