Friday, August 7, 2020


— Ilsa, I have two transit letters. I will take you to the States. Watch out, another fell in.

— Richard, what did you say? The gun fire. I couldn't hear you over the burst of machine gun.

— Darling, two transit letters are in my coat pocket. You're coming with me.

— I knew it was you Rick who had the murdered Germans' papers.

— That's for you to prove, Strasser. Watch it, Ilsa. That one almost fell on you. After we get out of this hole, I'll ask you to marry me.

— So you do plan to take her. I'll have you arrested.

— Strasser, what, ah, that bomb shell was close. Strasser, you are going to arrest me? We're in Allied lines. Here's another. This bomb crater won't hold many more.

— Look again, Rick, there's a retreat; we Germans are advancing.

— Strasser, a retreat is just a retreat. Don't get your hopes up. And look at Ilsa, she hasn't moved.

— She's paralyzed with fear.

— No, Strasser, it is love. Paralyzed with love. Rick, watch your head. I'll go with you, to Paris, Washington, anywhere better than this.

— You don't like this hole I found?

— It will do, darling. I just don't have my money for a taxi.

— Call me a lucky man! Look. Look, Strasser. We're back in Allied lines.

— You were always a lucky man, Rick. But someday your luck will run out. Then you'll marry this dame, and watch out! I'm going to crouch down.

— Ilsa, he's trying to separate us. Don't pay any attention.

— Did he say he will be the best man? I can't hear.

— He said he'll die of jealousy when I marry you.

— Marry me? You soon forget I'm married.

— You can have two husbands. We'll hide out in Utah. Careful, one's rolling in. I won't let you go. I remember the time I waited for you at the train depot. Sam pushed me in at the last moment. You had other plans. Now I'll hold you tight, whether we are in Paris or Washington or in the—.

— I'm putting an end to your plans. You are both under arrest...when we're back in—

— You shouldn't have gotten up, Strasser. Now they'll bury you with your filthy troops.


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