Monday, December 2, 2019

Ideal Writing Place

What is your ideal writing or work area?  Are you happy with it or does it function?  I have had many different writing areas throughout my life.  I had a loft over the garage, quite spacy and enough to put in a library.  When I got married, we have a two bedroom house.  The bedroom in the back became an office/art room and I used it quite much.  When the kids were born, I took my workspace into the kitchen where I use it.  I make it work.  My last workspace was under a tree in Florida watching the ducks in he lake, feeling the breezes and my ideas just flowed. I came across this, and thought that would be really cool.  But I would spend more time watching movies or binge watching one of the series. Maybe the red has too much energy, though my favorite color is red.  

Image result for writing office

This writing office may look nice, but closer to the window perhaps so I can look out while I warm up and drink my coffee.
Image result for writing office on the beach

I have written my work on a bar table overlooking the water under the shade.    Just have an iced coffee, or slushy cold drink while you let the creativity flow. I would have to have a light lunch here. What is your writing space like? Share it with us!

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