Friday, October 4, 2019

Art: Another Sylvan Setting

If you remember a landscape called Shirley's Woods, this is a view from the glade looking back the opposite way. Now the sun is behind us. The entrance to this fairy tale place is up the incline, where you have to duck beneath the trunk leaning to our left. Switching the direction of the sun produces an entirely different feel; the emphasis in now on the jumbled branches and their shadows. Rather than attempt so much detail, we let our brush do all the work. Load it with two or three colors for that specific region, and you'll get not only the suggestion of detail, but some nice dry blends for soft edges.

This one is also 8x10 acrylic. Working from my own photo, it took about an hour. You don't have to just copy your photo. In this case, contrast was magnified to increase the three-dimensional feel. I made about 15 shots that day, but so far have only painted three. It's probably time to revisit that album and take another look with the old magic eye.

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