Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Interests of Art

Good afternoon.  We hope you had a lovely Tuesday and I had enough coffee this morning.  A little about me.  The art came in when I was six, and the writing came in when I was thirteen.    They compliment each other.  When I took art history, I realized there were many artists that were multitalented.  Leonardo da Vinci and Shakespeare just to name a few.  I realized I fell into this nich because they did a little of everything.   I don't think I am a master artist or writer, but I enjoy doing both.   While in college, an instructor said to me, "Pick a hill."    I tried.  It's kinda like being half a person in a way.  So I went into the graphic arts to compliment both.   I have made designs on t shirts, brochures and even designed my own wedding invitations.  

What is your passion in the arts?  Painting, drawing, pastels or sculpture?  Architecture?  My grandfather was an architect. He built a neighborhood in Ohio and his son built a few churches and homes.  I love a beautiful building and the work it took to be created.  

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