Friday, August 23, 2019

Happy Friday!

Good afternoon and happy Friday!  How was your week?  Busy with continuous doctor appointments and the usual therapies for our son.  Our dog was also due for his annual check up.  He's an old dog, but he acts like a puppy and is always hopeful for a morsel of food to drop.  Everyone is in good health, maybe a bit tired from the lack of sleep.

Did you write or create something else this week?  Perhaps you were continuing a project.  I finished the first stage of editing, then going to go back and edit again this time with computer and paper copy. It seems tedious but exciting at the same time.  I am a published writer, made some money in college and I was the top writer of the college and had front page stories for two years.   After that, I graduated and moved on.  I wrote for the smaller newspapers and covered the Special Olympics so I kept busy inspite of my busy lifestyle.
My current project is a Celtic Fantasy and I've been working on it for twenty five years.  It seems I modified it a bit as it seemed necessary as I see fit.  Lots of writers weren't finished before they were ready for publications.  In my case, I am both a writer and an artist.  I made some graphite illustrations for some upcoming scenes and such, but left the characters up to the reader to make their own image from my description.    The editing is fun at times, but when I try to take a break my mind keeps chattering even at night because I get so excited about getting to the end finally and looking into the business of publishing.

Anyways, this week has been good as priorities come up.  I came across this nice photo, of the ideal library when we move.  Just enough room and for the kids, too.  I am torn tonight between a good movie or sleep, then catch up on some much needed reading before jumping in to edit as next week will be much calmer.  

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