Thursday, November 2, 2023

November Open thread


Welcome November! One of the most beautiful Autumns in a while. All at once, branches are brushed with  royal purples, raspberry reds, lemony yellows to delight in our walks or travels.  A calling to drive or walk through the woods and admire all of nature's glory.

Enjoy coffee or tea to start your day!

Gaze upward from the base of a tree with a change of perspective in Nature's beauty. Nature's brush of colors, textures in a glorious unity.

Coffee or tea on the house today, what will it be?

Turkey or ham or both?

Snuggle and being closer to family and
gatherings once again

Binge on trilogies as it gets colder with first snows and frosts.

Try something new such as journaling. Free the mind and unlock the creativity within.  Some might say it's freewriting or daily affirmations. Some are working on projects
continuously, burning the creativity oil to make that deadline or goal. Finish it strong!  

horseback riding fall GIF by Hallmark Channel

Don't forget to enjoy the little things when 
life seems to go too fast, keep the wonder and the splendor. Smile more, laugh more.

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