Sunday, April 2, 2023

April Open Thread

Now it maybe time to plant and start on spring cleaning.  


Any hour of the morning is coffee or tea time, join us!  Tell us where you are on your project. Are you happy where it's going?

Maybe the beach will inspire you

Some stories and movies you wish would just keep going, 

I always wonder what happened and the story was just left open ended.

After coffee the gears start churning to get to first tasks of the day.

And this month is spring break for many.  Whether it's the beach, pizza or the mountains or just a staycation works just find t6o recharge.

Go out for seafood at that little restaurant on the beach everyone is talking about.

Remember the nutritional content and the zinc and selenium with omegas in seafood will help recharge the mind and body to write that big important story as it should be written.  Don't forget to read a good book!

Of course  many are homebound but put this on and through the night, very relaxing to take you away for awhile.

In the meantime keep on journaling!

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