Wednesday, March 1, 2023

March Open Thread

Ah, at last good bye February and March it is.    Come join us for awhile, we're a good group.  Some of us dabble in writing or art or both.  Some of us just drink coffee or tea and stay awhile.   

There's nothing like that first sip in the morning  before
starting on the project.  Creativity is everywhere, all around us.

Dare to dream,  make it happen. Let the creativity 
flow through you onto the screen, the canvas, maybe you are
the crafty type.   

Don't forget those breaks in between to come back afresh
to get back to your project, stronger, thinking critically how to solve
a problem never thought before.  


Those paintings and images tell a story.   They say have more than a few words
 to describe

Characters that make a story strong. 
It is your story, your creation.

Spring and daylight savings is just around the corner.
So who is saving up the daylight I would like to know.

Remember, make it a great day, always!

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