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Words & Brush Recipe Corner: Cabbage, plum, date and pomegranate seed salad

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Cabbage, plum, date and pomegranate seed salad

To my mind, salads are like poetry. When you combine different voices and use the correct tools, you end up with a unique work of art. Every time you get your creative juices flowing, who knows what kind of showpiece you’ll succeed in making. 

, 2022 

Cabbage, plum, date and pomegranate seed salad, (photo credit: PASCALE PEREZ-RUBIN)

Makes 6 servings.

Level of difficulty: Easy,  Time: 15 minutes,    Status: Vegetarian 

½ head of cabbage
2 green plums
2 yellow plums
6 yellow dates
½ cup pomegranate seeds
½ cup pistachios, roasted and lightly salted
½ cup sliced almonds
2 Tbsp. light sesame seeds, roasted if desired
1 Tbsp. dark sesame seeds

Rinse the cabbage, then cut it into thin strips and place in a large bowl. Remove the pits of the plums and dates, then slice them thinly. Add them to the bowl and mix. Add the pomegranate seeds, pistachios and almonds, and mix. Sprinkle the light and dark sesame seeds on top and serve alongside various salad dressings so that each person can choose the dressing they prefer.


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