Monday, June 6, 2022

June Open Thread: Summer Days Ahead


Summer is around the corner for many, but it's already started here in the South.  Temps are soaring into the upper 80s making it feel like 100.   Pool is open.

As usual there is something even in the summer that
catches a writer's or artist's eye

Go to that little place by the seaside to grab a sweet treat

Or the diner that serves handspun milkshakes with hotdogs or hamburgersas you deck it up how you want
it with a side of fries or slaw

There's nothing else like them, just like the
good ole' days!

Check out new places to take solitude

Watermelon is ripe and ready to eat

Listen to great music or read a catch up on summer reading

Rerun movies with a flare of laughter as

 Summer days put us into a daze 

As summer cookouts or a seaside or go to the square for a summer meal to relax and 
hear open mic music, new songs to first reads of a story to see how others respond. Do it if you dare!

Most of all, have a fun safe summer!

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